Parkdale SRS® Poll Merino Stud

ethical and sustainable merinos without mulesing - phone: 0428-876-266

Parkdale's Stud Sheep

Parkdale has developed a remarkable stud flock of poll merino sheep bred on SRS® selection principles. The sheep are plain-bodied and often bare-breeched, are not mulesed and produce deceptively high fleece weights of very soft wool. The sires have exceptional length of body, solid bone and fit the desired "triple wedge" shape. Necks are long and the faces very open. Parkdale SRS® Merino Stud ceased mulesing in 2004. Fertility is rising rapidly with some mobs reaching lambing percentages of 130% to 160%Parkdale has1,200 stud ewes with an average wool cut of 7.2kg per adult ewe at an average of 19.2 micron @ 72% yield and a CFW of 5kg.. The Stud ewes are shorn each 8 months (this is due to the quick growing long staple of the Parkdale sheep). Parkdale stud ewes, after a natural mating at 1.5% of Parkdale sires, have a six year average of 128% of lambs weaned from ewes joined. We sell 250, both poll and horned rams annually. Parkdale sheep are renowned for their fast-growing, well aligned staple, high fertility and fecundity.  

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