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Any questions regarding our Semen Sires or Semen Purchases please contact Robert Mudford on 0428 876 282.


Friday 08-Sep-17 

Inspection 10:00 am - Sale starts 1:00 pm

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Annual Parkdale Surplus Breeders Sale:

First week of February 

(depending on seasonal conditions)

All clients are welcome to offer Parkdale blood sheep in the auctions plus sale using your preferred agent.

If you have any enquiries about the auctions plus system ask a member of the Parkdale team or visit the auctions plus website

Parkdale Statistics:

• No fly protection used on the backs of 10,000 ewes at Parkdale and Enngonia/Bourke since 2004.

• High genetic fat cover for better lamb survival and animal health.

• Large eye muscle rams produce high yielding carcases in their progeny.

• Parkdale wether lambs are achieving greater weights with less feed than 5 years ago.

• With the large eye muscle produced by Parkdale blood lambs, we recommend selling wether lambs over the hooks with your preferred agent to maximise returns.

• In July 2016 Parkdale wether lambs averaged dressed 48% yield after curfew (44% full) at Thomas Foods Tamworth.

• All Poll sires in use at Parkdale.

• Lambs weaned average of 128% over the past 6 years.

• No sheep mulesed since 2004, both at Parkdale and Enngonia.

• Parkdale has a short tail merino family of 400 breeding ewes. 165% of lambs weaned. There is no mulesing and no tail docking on this family, our aim >200% of lambs with 20 micron wool.

• Wool, 6 years ago, 8kg @ 61% yield = 4.9kg clean. Now 6.9kg @ 71% yield. 4.9kg clean at 1.5 micron finer than 6 years ago. 

Don Mudford 

(with short tail ram lamb)

The first thing people notice about the Poll Merino sheep bred at Parkdale is that the animals look like clones. The sheep are plain bodied, open faced, have long floppy ears, bare points and have a “triple wedge shape” body. Their “fuel tanks” to survive and thrive are derived from the genetic reserves the animals have for muscle and fat. High breeding values for muscle and fat are a feature of the sires, dams and sale rams. The sheep and their progeny bounce back quickly after tough times due to high genetic fat, reach high weaning percentages of 128% average for the past 6 years and the lambs finish earlier with less maintenance.

Each ram is presented with breeding values for body weight, eye muscle depth and fat cover to allow purchasers to make informed decisions based on the genetic performance and profitability of each ram purchased.

Dr Jim Watts