Parkdale SRS® Poll Merino Stud

ethical and sustainable merinos without mulesing - phone: 0428-876-266

2017 PARKDALE OPEN DAY (at Parkdale, Dubbo) - August 25th                           ...                                           2017 PARKDALE ON-PROPERTY RAM SALE - September 8th                                           ... 

Ethical and sustainable merinos without mulesing!

Parkdale poll merinos are bred on SRS® soft rolling skin selection principles. 

 They have the great advantage of being bare-breeched and therefore not having to be mulesed. 

The sheep are plain bodied and free of skin wrinkling.

Parkdale also has a family of merinos that no longer require tail docking.


• conformation   • maternal

• temperament   • wool quality

• wool growth   • fertility

• genetic fat cover

• genetic eye muscle depth

Stud Ewes

Parkdale's stud classer is Dr Jim Watts
(MVsc, PhD)  

Sale Rams