Parkdale SRS® Poll Merino Stud

ethical and sustainable merinos without mulesing - phone: 0428-876-266


Parkdale sold 636 wether lambs over the hooks, with an average weight of 24.5 kgs and averaging $159.41.


The Parkdale Annual On-Property Ram Sale had great success selling 78 rams from 79 auctioned, with the top price ram reaching $3,000 and a sale average of $1,416.14 being achieved. Commercial grade rams were also sold after the auction and more are still available. A great interest was also shown in the shot tail merinos.

For more information on grade rams, short tails or semen purchase, please contact:

Robert Mudford on 0428-876-282.


Parkdale wether lambs averaged dressed 48% yield after curfew (44% full) at Thomas Foods Tamworth.  


One of the earliest registered Merion Studs in Victoria "Blythvale" SRS Merino Stud has been purchased by Parkdale. Parkdale purchased all adult sheep , purchasing 250 wool and frame ewes and 7 sires. Blythvale sires have been recorded as among the highest density Merinos ever tested. 

(pictured above) Blythvale Merino ewe hoggett with 4 months wool growth and only 14.2 microns for fibre diameter but so bold and deep crimping.


Parkdale was offered first selection at the "Kiabra" Poll Merino Stud dispersal sale (Armidale). We purchased 5 stud sires and 22 young ewes.Our aim is to introduce SRS genetics from a summer rainfall. We plan to continue to breed a pure "Kiabra" line. 


Parkdale purchased 172 of the top wool and frame ewes from "Blue Gate" disoersal sale (Deniliquin). These sheep have very white and fast growing wool of 130mm at ten months and will fit right in at Parkdale.


Parkdale On-Property Ram Sale averages $1,512. Top ram reaches $5,000.


Wether lambs sold for $5.70 per kg dressed.