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 Robert Mudford is a certified SRS® sheep classer and is available to assist in developing mulse-free merino flocks.

SRS® is a unique breeding system for developing new genetic types of sheep, goats and alpacas with fleeces of unparalleled quality. It was invented and implemented by Dr. Jim Watts (MVSc, PhD) a specialist in fleece and skin biology and animal breeding.

This new breeding technology allows meat and milk breeds of sheep and goats that previously produced no wool, or inferior wool, to be transformed into valuable wool-producing animals without any loss of meat or milk production.

Using the SRS® breeding system, remarkable genetic improvements have been achieved in the quantity and quality of fleeces produced by merino sheep, angora goats and alpacas; animals that normally grow long and fine fleeces. In many flocks and herds, the wool or mohair is almost twice as long, is finer and softer, and there is a lot more of it.

 The SRS® genetics merino sheep no longer have to be mulesed, are easy to shear and rear more lambs.

skin sample of high density wool

skin sample of low density wool


Dr Jim Watts (MVSc, PhD)

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